Brother: some praise :)

Brother: some praise :)

29th January 2015 0

“Brother” by Jim Murray is a book that is nearly impossible to put down. Even though I spent much of my time angry and nervous reading this book, I had to know how it ended. It is a fantastic thriller full of many twists and turns. Murray has an interesting writing style that captures and engages the reader throughout the entire book. The characters are well developed, and my hatred for the villain in the book felt genuine as if he were a real person.I recommend “Brother” by Jim Murray to anyone looking for an intense thriller. Just be sure to plan on not putting the book down once you start it! Christine Watson. Reader Views.

is a story of revenge. A good one. It tells the tale of two brothers, Dominic and Spencer, who have been battling each other on some level for their entire lives.
Murray is a master storyteller. Brother is a complex, fascinating and fast-paced story filled with well-developed, interesting characters. He skilfully weaves Dominic’s memories of his difficult childhood – from what he saw at Spencer’s unwelcome, family-shattering birth to the mental illness that seems to run in his family – and the events of their current-day lives with a deft hand. He explores tenuous family relationships that have been damaged by lifelong grudges, imagined slights and not-so-hidden resentments – and how they might actually be healed.

Rebecca Parsons. Portland Book Review.

The book [Brother] covers the life of Dominic and his relationship with his younger brother, Spencer, and to a lesser degree their parents, girlfriends and friends. There is love, betrayal, hatred, and even a little violence. It is very psychological and will keep you reading until the end.

San Francisco Book Review

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