Double Ugly: a synopsis.

28th January 2015 0

“A tale of bad versus evil – a psychological thriller that pits the sociopathic ex-detective Burke against a brilliant and ruthless serial killer. Will Burke be able to bring him down? And what price will he have to pay?”

After fifteen dispiriting years in the force, Detective Burke suffers a catastrophe that causes him to have a heart attack and leads ultimately to a heart transplant.

His police career in ruins, he invests in a restaurant, and by using his surveillance skills he gets honest feedback on the food and the service and elevates the restaurant to be the finest in Dublin.

When he eavesdrops on a party of criminals he learns something that connects his recent calamity to the stirrings of his transplanted heart.

As he is launched on the trail of a psychopathic killer, he learns of the killer’s victims, and confirms that he is in fact an urn to one of them.

Only by ridding the world of this murderer can he do the right thing by his heart, and be finally free of his bitter regrets.

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