Double Ugly: some praise :)

Double Ugly: some praise :)

29th January 2015 0

DOUBLE UGLY is a noir fiction novel that is not only laced with dark comedy, but also replete with sex trafficking issues surrounded by sociopathic and religious themes.

Murray skilfully keeps his third person narrative moving by offering plenty of contrast. Amid the disconcerting scenes, Murray manages to incorporate lighter moments to break up the darkness.

Double Ugly, the first volume in a new series, is riveting and mind boggling, entertaining yet very disturbing. And, indeed, is destined to become a classic for noir fiction lovers!

Anita Lock. San Francisco Book Review.

DOUBLE UGLY by Jim Murray is captivating. It is a very well-written, fast moving crime novel. Jim Murray’s narrative is dense, with many interesting unpredictable twists, and the plot’s intrigue is well constructed. Murray’s writing style makes it a great read for noir fiction fans!

Galina Roizman. Portland Book Review.

DOUBLE UGLY by Jim Murray is a mystery/thriller full of suspense, drama and horror, one the reader will ponder long after turning the last page.

I found the author’s writing style unique, even hard to describe, a bit quirky, dark.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed “Double Ugly” and highly recommend it to anyone with a taste for a suspenseful mystery/thriller lined with a unique twist.

Sheri Bebee. Reader Views Review.

DOUBLE UGLY is a disturbing psychological thriller that pits one sociopath against another, with only a thin shield of rational ethics and a bit of transplanted empathy to differentiate them –

It is a lively mystery with an intriguing lead character and some interesting speculation on the purpose of ethics, morality and ambition.

IndieReader Review

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