The Galapagan goes live :)

10th July 2015 0


Happy to announce my latest novel, The Galapagan, is now available on Amazon –



Synopsis –

A dark comic thriller . . .

If you save the life of a psychopath, are you then responsible for his actions?

Gabriel Black yearns for normality, but love, sanity and contentment have always been denied to him by the malevolence of a psychopath, Anton Crow.

Gabriel is bound to Anton by an obligation – having once saved Anton’s life, Gabriel feels a duty to stay close to Anton and protect the world from his violence.

When Anton commits a murder, Gabriel realises he has failed and that he now must save himself . . .

So begins a wild and riotous journey involving Anton, Gabriel, Olga – a girl with a broken heart, and Winnie – the beautiful girl Gabriel holds up to be the opposite to Anton; the girl he hopes to marry and live out a happy and wholesome life with.

As they each struggle for their lives and their liberty, they reflect on questions of love, faith and destiny, and as the story spirals to a gripping conclusion, answers are revealed in dramatic and often bizarre ways.

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