The Galapagan

The Galapagan

29th January 2015 0


The Galapagan is my next book. I am aiming to have it published by April/May, 2015.

It is a black comedy based around a few individuals on the run, and while the entire country searches for them, they seek the answers to their struggles and general bewilderment in each other.

A detailed synopsis is to follow, but meanwhile here is an excerpt which casts a little light on the choice of title –

‘I appreciate your sensitive choice of words, as most people simply refer to me as an idiot or a freak. But digest on this – in an interconnected world, where all the quirks of language and behaviour and appearance are steam rolled into one swathe of sameness, I am a Galapagan – I grew up in isolation; my mind and manner were self-determining. If I have developed a different beak or tail, that is no fault of mine. I had to make my best guess at how a human is or should be, and this is it.’ Gabriel indicates the length of his person with a flourish of his hands. ‘This is my best guess.’

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